4 Cork Crafts for the DIY Beginner

Take your interior design to the next level with our unique cork crafts. We’ve collected 4 fun and simple DIY cork crafts that are sure to elevate any design style.


  1. Cork Jewellery Organizer

This sweet design can be personalized to your décor style. From rustic chic to modern motifs, the design possibilities are endless. 


How to DIY it:

  • Take a RisingHippo Cork Board of your ideal size, or use a ruler and marker to outline your ideal shape or size and then cut this out using a safety knife.
  • If you are interested in a framed Jewellery Organizer, find a picture frame in the style you like. Remove all backing from the frame. Measure the size of the frame's interior. Using a marker outline this onto a Cork Board, then cut this shape out using a safety knife. Using a hot glue gun, apply glue to the edges of the frame and fit the piece of cork in. Note: If you are interested in adding some of the other design elements, add these to the board first before gluing it into the frame!
  • Once you have your piece of cork, decide on any design elements you would like to add. One of our favorites is stenciled designs!
  • For stencil art, we recommend finding a stencil in the design of your choice. Next, place it on the front of the Board. Using spray paint in the color of your choice fill in the stencil. Note: Spray paint can be messy, so make sure to place a tarp or plastic sheeting underneath the board as you try this out!
  • If you’re artistic and enjoy painting, one possibility is using brushes to create a hand-painted design.
  • Once your designed board has dried, you can begin adding pins and hooks to create an original design suited for your jewellery needs.
  • If you have a large amount of small jewellery you may choose to add a fabric pocket. Cut a piece of fabric to your ideal shape, next place a strip of fabric glue around 3 edges of the material. Place the material onto the Board, ensuring that the fabric has enough give to fit jewellery pieces inside. Press firmly on the edges of the pocket.


  1. Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board

Take a classic cork bulletin board and add a feminine touch, for a beautiful and functional piece for at home or in the office.

How to DIY it:

  • Find a fabric of your choice that suits your décor style.
  • Place this fabric on your RisingHippo Cork Board and adjust it so that the fabric lines up neatly.
  • Fold all excess fabric under the board so that it looks neat from the front.
  • Flip the board over, and use fabric glue to glue down all the excess. Use staples to re-enforce this for tricky fabrics.

  • Allow the glue to dry, then simply hang on your wall using an adhesive tape.
  • Use thumbtacks and other pins to pin up any notes or photos!
  • One fun DIY pin style we recommend is using thumbtacks and laundry pins. Glue the tops of the thumbtacks to the back of the laundry pin using a hot glue gun. Next, paint the laundry pins or add colorful tape to elevate their style. Once dry, use these clips to put up your notes and photos.


  1. Travel History Map

Show off your travels near and far with a corkboard map! Place pins in the places where you have traveled to keep track of your global adventures.

How to DIY it:

  • Find a map or print out of the area of the world you would like to pin. You can choose a specific country, continent, or even the whole globe!
  • If you choose the whole globe we recommend using one of our RisingHippo Cork Boards and simply placing a map of the world on the front and gluing the entire map down.
  • For individual countries or continents, you may choose to create a land-shaped Cork map. To do this cut out the shape of the country from the map. Place this on top of a Cork Piece and trace an outline with a marker about ¾ of an inch from the edges of the actual map. Using a precision detail knife follow the tracing and cut out the cork shape. Glue the map cut-out onto the cork shape using the adhesive of your choice.
  • Use map pins to mark all the places you have traveled to!


  1. Cork Wall Décor

Spice up your style with unique cork décor features. Cork’s hypoallergenic nature makes it a favorite material for interior designers. Your DIY cork décor can take a few different forms, from a full cork wall to individual wall tiles.


How to DIY wall tiles:

  • The shape you choose is up to you! If you have Cork trivets that you do not use, you may choose to use these as easy wall tiles.
  • If you prefer another shape, take a Cork Board and trace the desired shape onto the board. Using a safety knife cut out the traced shape.
  • To add a pop of color to your wall tiles consider painting them with acrylic paint. Make your own design, use painters tape to create your own stencil, or purchase a stencil of your choosing!
  • Put your tiles up using a Cork adhesive for a long-lasting result. Or for more temporary measures use an adhesive tape.

How to DIY a full cork wall:

  • Select a flat wall without any light switches or shelving. Clean the wall ensuring no debris or dust. If the wall is painted we recommend sanding it lightly to ensure the adhesive sticks well.
  • Choose a size of cork boards, we recommend this 3-Pack.
  • Use a plumb line to mark a vertical line on the wall to guide installation.
  • Measure the dimensions of the wall and determine the size of the Corkboards required. Cut the boards to size using a safety knife. Note: Leave ¼ inch of excess Cork at the edge, this will allow you to trim perfectly to size at the end.
  • Apply a Cork Adhesive to the wall, such as a linoleum adhesive for wall applications. Ensure the adhesive does not dry before application, but if it does scrape off the dried remnants and reapply.
  • Slowly apply the Cork to the adhesive, ensuring the board is straight as guided by the plumb line.
  • Use a wall roller to firmly press on the Cork, ensuring secure adhesion and removal of any air bubbles.
  • Repeat this process with the remaining Corkboards.


Have you had a chance to try some of these crafts out? Leave a comment below and let us know how your project turned out!




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