5 Simple DIY Burlap Party Favours
  • Wrapped up candies!

A classic party favor, some sweet candies of your choice are always appreciated by guests. This simple and cute way of wrapping the treats is both budget-friendly and stylish. All you will need is some burlap by the yard, string, scissors, and don’t forget the candy! Although this is a great way to wrap candy, this method could be used for other similarly-sized party favors. One neat idea is to stuff these pouches with lavender for a relaxing scent-releasing pouch.


  1. Cut a square of burlap, appropriate for the size of the contents. This will vary based on the type and number of items you choose to use. Test with some small squares of burlap to find the size you like.
  2. Pinch together the opposing corners of the square with your fingers. Repeat with the other corners, gathering all corners together.
  3. Use a string to tie a knot right above where the object is contained, creating a pouch.
  4. Finish with a bow and any other small decorations or small trinkets you choose to attach.



  • Burlap tote bag

A personalized gift like a burlap tote bag will not only be fun but useful in the long-term. Simple to make, these bags will make a splash with your guests. Now there are a few simple ways you can do this, for a beginner sewer we suggest this method with minimal sewing involved. You will need one of our 7oz Burlap Bags, scissors, a sewing machine, and a ruler.


  1. Decide on the desired depth of the bag, once you have found this measure this length using the ruler and mark this height at several points. Cut along this line, essentially creating a shorter burlap sack that will make up the body of your tote bag.
  2. Using the excess removed burlap, cut 2 strips of the same width, these strips will be circular. Snip both strips at some point in the circle to create one single longer strip from each.
  3. Pin the handles where you would like them placed. Ensure both sides of the bag are even, use the ruler to confirm. Now sew these handles in these positions.


  • Small votive candle holders

A craft we have featured previously on RisingHippo Blog Centre is small votive candle holders. This DIY project makes for a great party favor as it gives your guests a memory and something they can feature in their own home décor. It’s also very simple to make, and excellent to make in bulk. Simply find small plain glass containers, some RisingHippo Burlap, and some string, lace, or twine to add a personalized touch.


  1. Measure your desired width of the burlap. We recommend almost the entire height of the container, with a ¼ inch cut off each side.
  2. Once the burlap strip is cut, glue on end onto the glass using a hot glue gun. Wrap the strip around the container and glue the opposite end down when it is full around.
  3. Take a piece of lace or ribbon and similarly glue and wrap the strip around, in the middle of the burlap width.
  4. Complete the look with a twine string tied around the middle of the lace, and finished with a bow.
  5. You may choose to add further accents such as charms or faux jewels by hot-gluing them on.



  • Burlap Rosettes

Burlap rosettes are a unique décor option for an event or get-together, which can also act as gifts your guests can take home after. Simply create your rosettes and place them at a table setting, or attach them to a name card to designate seats at each table. Such an unusual piece of décor will forever be remembered by your guests, and can be used by them in several ways. Guests may choose to pin the rosette to an outfit or bag as an accessory, use as personal décor in their homes, or attach to their keychain for a lasting memory.


  1. Cut a piece of burlap to approximately 1 yard in length, 2-3” wide.
  2. Take one end of the strip and create a small fold, as shown in the image below.
  3. Begin rolling the burlap from the edge inwards, before you reach the end of the fold stop rolling.
  4. Fold the burlap not in the roll away from you.


  1. Repeat folding and rolling in this way until the strip length is used up. With the end of the burlap tuck and pin it underneath your rosette. Hot glue the pins down and spaces between the rosette petals as needed to ensure it is securely fastened.


  • Burlap-accented potted plant

A timeless gift for a host, a potted plant can also make a sweet gift for your guests as well. Ideal plants include a batch of small seasonal flowers, vegetable plant seedlings, herb sprouts, or even a small succulent plant. Simply transfer one of these to a small pot and wrap with burlap, then give to your guests for a memorable gift. Personalizing the pots can be quite simple, using some of the design elements mentioned above for candle holders, such as a lace strip where you tie the string or small decorative elements looped through the string. Additional personalization may include tying a small paper label to the gift, with your guests’ names.  


  1. Measure the height of your pot, then add 1-2 inches to this height for the height of the burlap.
  2. Place the pot in the center of a burlap piece, measure and mark the height generated in step 1 from the pot at 4 sides. Trace a square using these distances and cut this out.
  3. Place the pot again in the center of the burlap square, and gather the sides upwards, tie the burlap in place using twine or string. Add additional design elements as desired.









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