DIY Rustic Burlap Floral Arrangements

One of our favorite uses for Burlap is wrapping a floral arrangement. The rustic charm of Burlap makes it extremely popular for event decorations, but also for home décor as well in any season. We have compiled 4 simple ways to wrap your flowers beautifully.


Simply Wrapped Bouquet

For this method, as the title indicates, we are going to do a no-fuss simple bouquet wrapping. For this, you will need a rectangular piece of Burlap and some string or ribbon of your choosing.

The width of the burlap piece should encompass most of the stems and the lowest leaves or buds of your bouquet. For a medium-length flower bouquet, this would be approximately 6 inches. Tie up the flowers with a rubber band to keep them in place. Then simply place the flowers onto the burlap and roll it up, like a burrito. Once you have wrapped around once cut off the excess burlap and tie up the roll with your string or ribbon.


Full-wrap Bouquet

For this style, the resulting bouquet will have a diamond-shaped back so as to frame the flowers and a closed bottom. First, you will need your bouquet, a square piece of burlap, and some string or ribbon. Place the burlap square on a table so that it is in a diamond shape from your perspective. Place the bouquet at the top of the diamond, so that the top of the flowers touch the top point. Take the left side of the diamond and fold it over the bouquet. Next, take the bottom of the diamond and fold it upwards, until the stem bottoms rest in the crease. Finally, fold the right side of the diamond over and wrap it around the bouquet neatly. Tie it off with ribbon and you have a beautiful bouquet.


Burlap Bridal-style Bouquet

Bridal-style bouquets normally feature a neat bouquet with tightly-wrapped stems, often wrapped with ribbon or lace. Our twist on this classic style for a little bit of rustic flair is a burlap wrapped stem. For this method, we propose two options, Burlap strips or Jute webbing.

Jute webbing may be favored for its neater design, as it already comes in a strip style and may feature designs such as colored stripes. When using Jute webbing the method is simple. Take the bouquet of your choice and tie up the stems with rubber bands. Next, wrap a piece of jute webbing around the stem, and simply use a fabric adhesive or hot glue gun to seal the piece in place.

For a burlap style wrapping, we suggest cutting a longer piece of burlap into a 3-inch-wide strip. Tie the bouquet with a rubber band and then tightly tuck the end of the burlap strip into the rubber band. Begin wrapping the burlap strip tightly around the stems until a sufficient amount is covered. End the wrapping at the top of the stems, and pin the end of the strip into place using fabric pins.


Flower Pot Burlap Covering

For more home-style décor applications, you may choose to use burlap to spruce up an old flower pot. A simple process, take a square piece of burlap and set the flower pot in the middle. Pull up the corners of the burlap so that the pot is completely covered. Hold the burlap in place using a rubber band. To finish it off, simply cover the rubber band with a ribbon or string tied in a bow.



Have you tried making your own DIY Burlap floral arrangements? Let us know and tell us how they turned out in the comments below. We love to hear from you.



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