The Essential Guide to Neoprene

At RisingHippo we are proud to offer premium industrial grade products, at accessible prices. Our Neoprene is among the most versatile industrial products on the market. Most people will have Neoprene in their home or encounter it daily, and they might not even know what it is. The range of applications for Neoprene is so diverse; ranging from fashion, to weatherproofing, to industrial installations. Although industrial grade, RisingHippo Neoprene is not limited to industrial fields, use it in the office, around your home, or in commercial settings.



Neoprene is also known as polychloropene, as it is a polymer or the molecule chloropene. In 1930 Neoprene was the first ever synthetic rubber. Neoprene is often favored over natural rubbers as it is not only water-resistant, but also impermeable to grease, oils, solvents, dust, and high heat. While being both durable and resistant to many elements, this material remains flexible and easy to use at home.



RisingHippo Neoprene is closed cell black sponge Neoprene. The “cells” in the material are pockets of Nitrogen gas. The gas-filled cells are excellent at blocking the passage of heat through the material, making it a strong insulator. “Closed cell” indicates that these gas pockets are sealed, rendering it impermeable to water.



As one of the most widely used synthetic rubbers on the market, Neoprene has many features that make it so popular. Some of the key benefits of Neoprene include:

  • Does not absorb odors, water, grease, oil, or solvents
  • Does not corrode and is abrasion resistant
  • Easily seals gaps and seams
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made with Non-toxic materials
  • Resistant to ozone and weather
  • UV ray resistant
  • Flexible
  • Temperature resistant from -40 to +200 degrees Fahrenheit



The diverse benefits of Neoprene make it a truly versatile material, as such it is used in a wide variety of fields. Some of the more unexpected applications of Neoprene include fashion, wetsuits, swimwear, musical instruments (the Rhodes Piano featured Neoprene hammer tips), and hydroponic gardening.

RisingHippo Neoprene Stripping has many common applications in home projects, commercial, and industrial work. Popular in the trades, Neoprene can be used in fields such as HVAC maintenance and installation, window installation, contractor projects, construction, refrigeration, electrical work, and in the automotive industry. Some common applications in these industrial fields include:

  • Sealing gaps
  • Expansion joints
  • Cushioning to prevent friction and damage
  • Shock Absorption
  • Anti-skid Surfaces
  • Insulation of Gaps or Seams
  • Dustproofing
  • Sound Insulation
  • Weatherproofing
  • Tires and Hoses

Many of these applications can be expanded to home improvement projects as well. Our easily cut and applied Neoprene means that any homeowner can use it, no matter their skill level. Simply peel and stick Neoprene stripping on any gaps to seal them. Use it in your car to prevent any damage from slamming doors. Apply to furniture to prevent damage and skidding. Apply to window and door seams to weatherize your home against dust, moisture, and cool air. The uses for RisingHippo Neoprene are endless.



            At RisingHippo we understand the need for quality at the best price. Our Neoprene products are guaranteed to be the lowest in the retail market, if you find a lower price for the same product we will match it*. We value your time, so we offer same day shipping if an order is placed before 1 pm EST.

            Our high-quality Neoprene is offered in multiple thicknesses and widths to allow you to find exactly what you need to perfect your next project. Although durable, our Neoprene will easily be cut to the size you need with a utility knife. All our neoprene products come with an easy application adhesive backing, just peel off the backing and stick on to any surface. No messy glue, with a strong industrial-level adhesive. The ease of cutting and applying our neoprene products means everyone can use it in their projects, whether they are a professional tradesman or homeowner taking on some DIY.

            Our blog is here to teach you more about our materials and how you can make them work for you. Watch out for future posts about the applications of Neoprene and how you can use it yourself!

*Note: This offer applies to identical products (width, thickness, and length) sold on the retail market. This promotion does not apply to wholesale and distributor product pricing. Contact us at for any questions or concerns, or to take advantage of this offer.



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