Neoprene stripping is often termed weather stripping, in reference to one of its most common applications: weatherproofing. Impermeable to water, moisture, and dust, Neoprene weather stripping is ideal for sealing the gaps around windows and doors in your home.



Most homeowners do not realize the impact unintentional heat loss can have on your energy bill. The heat loss around windows and doors can make up as much as 1/3 of your heating cost. In fact, a 1/8 inch gap around a single exterior door is equal in heat loss to a 5.5 inch round hole through an exterior wall, or the size of a small window left half open. Weatherizing your home with RisingHippo Neoprene Stripping can save you 10% or up to $200 per year in heating and air conditioning costs. Quick, affordable, and easy to use, weather stripping is a surefire solution to this common problem.



Before beginning the weatherproofing process, it may help to identify key window frames and door frames that result in a lot of heat loss. A simple yet effective way to do this is as follows:

  1. Make sure it is a windy day.
  2. Turn off all heating and air conditioning units in the home, and turn on all bathroom and stovetop fans.
  3. Ensure all doors and windows are closed.
  4. Light an incense stick and hold the lit stick near doorframe or windowframe, wherever smoke is sucked out or blown into the room a leak is present.
  5. Repeat for all windows and doors in the home.



To ensure drafts do not occur around doorframes, weatherstripping can help to seal those small and unnoticed gaps. Once you have identified a door in need of weatherproofing, you will need the following items to begin:

  • RisingHippo Neoprene Stripping of the appropriate size
  • Both wet and dry paper towels or rags
  • Utility knife

To begin, use the wet paper towel or cloth to wipe down the doorframe, to remove dust and debris that might prevent effective sealing. Dry well after with the dry paper towel or rag.

There are 3 sides to the doorframe that will require Neoprene stripping, we will call these side 1, 2, and 3 as indicated in the following images.



For sides 1 and 2, apply the stripping as follows:

  1. Ensure the inner lip of the doorframe is completely cleaned and free of debris.
  2. On side 1: Peel back some of the Neoprene backing and lightly begin applying the Neoprene at the bottom of the doorframe lip. Ensure the Neoprene is lined up correctly. Once lined up correctly begin peeling the backing and applying along the entirety of the lip. Apply moderate pressure to ensure the stripping is completely adhered. Once you have reached the upper corner of the doorframe, use the utility knife and carefully cut the Neoprene to size.
  3. On side 2: Repeat the steps of application from side 1.

For side 3, follow these steps:

  1. On this side of the doorframe the Neoprene will be applied to the part of the frame containing the hinges, NOT on the lip as done for sides 1 and 2. Repeat the application process.



Neoprene may also be used to weatherproof window frames. This is most useful in double hung and sliding window types. For double hung windows, the Neoprene stripping may be applied in both the top and bottoms sashes of the window frame to create a tight seal upon closing. Similarly, Neoprene may be applied in the side sashes of sliding windows where gaps may occur.

To apply in windows:

  1. Clean both upper and lower window sashes, first with water then dry. Ensure no debris or dust remains.
  2. Measure the length of both window sashes. Cut 2 pieces of Neoprene to this length using the utility knife.
  3. Apply one piece of Neoprene to the bottom window sash, using moderate pressure to ensure it is completely adhered.

Tip: Do not forget to lock your windows when you close them, doing so ensures that the size of the gap is minimized! In combination with weatherproofing, this will ensure no drafts.


Although we have only shared steps to weatherstripping windows and doors, the applications are endless. Use it to weatherproof attic hatches, garage doors, backyard tool sheds, and sliding glass doors. RisingHippo Neoprene will help you keep your home warm and heating bills affordable!



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