Get ready for dinner with RisingHippo

Sit-down dinners with family and friends are always in style. We want to help you get your table ready for a cozy and stylish dinner party, from start to finish.


To start things off right we always recommend making sure your floors are protected with our felt furniture pads. Simply peel and stick onto the bottoms of chair and table legs to ensure no scuff marks or scratches while everyone is bustling about.


Setting the Table

One of our favorite burlap crafts is the use of burlap for a simple table cloth. To do this we recommend using our 12oz burlap by the yard, and measuring the appropriate length of burlap you will require. Simply iron the burlap to give it a more refined feel and place it on the table.

Instead of a full tablecloth, you may prefer a simpler table runner. Here is how to create your own no-sew table runner:

  1. Take a piece of burlap by the yard and measure a length that is equal to the length of your table plus 45 inches. Once you have cut this length of burlap with scissors lay it on the table to check if the length is to your taste. Trim more if you prefer.
  2. Once the length is ideal, measure your desired width, this will depend on the shape of your table and personal preference. Cut this, check it on the table, and trim more if needed.
  3. If you prefer a messier edge to your table runner we recommend pulling 5-6 strands from both sides of the burlap, creating a fringe detail.
  4. Iron your table runner and place it on the table.
  5. To decorate the ends of your runner that hang off the table, we recommend tying a bow with ribbon or string and adding flowers or greenery for accents.


In keeping with the rustic feel of the table runner, we recommend our fabulous Cutlery Holders. These simple additions to your table setting will pull the style together.


Another detail you may choose to DIY is a simple burlap napkin ring. A full set of these will take only minutes, yet these small details will leave lasting impressions.

Here’s how to create burlap napkin rings:

  1. Take a paper towel or toilet paper roll. Cut this into equal lengths of approximately 1-2 inches, based on your preference.
  2. Glue the edge of a burlap piece to the roll using a hot glue gun. Wrap the burlap around the roll, gluing the opposite edge down when it is wrapped completely.
  3. Tuck excess from the sides into the center of the ring, glue down the excess where needed.
  4. Add decorations of your choice! You may choose to leave the ring bare, glue on small charms or trinkets, or add ribbon and string.


Tabletop décor can easily be customized to suit your style, using RisingHippo Burlap. Some of our favorite DIY decorations include burlap-wrapped floral arrangements and DIY candleholders. To learn 4 different floral arrangement methods, click HERE.

For tea light candleholders follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a set of small simple glass containers for decorating. You may choose some clear votive candle holders, small glasses, or small jars.
  2. Measure your desired width of the burlap. We recommend almost the entire height of the container, with a ¼ inch cut off each side.
  3. Once the burlap strip is cut, glue on end onto the glass using a hot glue gun. Wrap the strip around the container and glue the opposite end down when it is full around.
  4. Take a piece of lace or ribbon and similarly glue and wrap the strip around, in the middle of the burlap width.
  5. Complete the look with a twine string tied around the middle of the lace, and finished with a bow.
  6. You may choose to add further accents such as charms or faux jewels by hot-gluing them on.


Beyond décor, it’s important to be ready for arguably the most important part, the food! Hot dishes and containers can ruin your table or tablecloth. To protect the surface of your tables, use Cork Trivets. Our sizeable cork trivets will be able to hold large dishes with room to spare, even holding multiple smaller dishes.


Now that the table is set there is one last thing you may want to prepare for your guests. Party favors or gifts are always in season, no matter the reason for gathering. A simple, but always appreciated gift, might be some of our warm and cozy thermal socks. Tie the socks up with some ribbon or string, and set them at each guest’s seat. Your loved ones will appreciate the sweet surprise.










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