RisingHippo in the Office!

We know a bustling office can always use some extra maintenance to keep its occupants focused and efficient. At RisingHippo we have the quick tips you need to keep your office in tip-top shape!



One of our best-selling products, Neoprene has a variety of functions and some of these can keep your office comfortable for everyone.

Downtown offices and even those in the suburbs can face a lot of nearby construction. The dust and noise are sure to distract, and we know how to help with that.

Neoprene can be used to create simple yet effective dustproof and weatherproof seals around windows and doors. This method of weatherproofing protects against debris and dust, while also preventing drafts. Using Neoprene will not only keep you more comfortable but also reduce the costs of heating and cooling. Check out this blog on how to weatherproof effectively!

Soundproofing is also key for busy offices, soundproofing individual office spaces will help to reduce traveling noise. Simply create a seal around doors connecting office spaces using Neoprene stripping, similar to weatherproofing. Check out this blog on how to soundproof effectively!



Our go-to office material is cork! This material is versatile and durable, making it a great addition for busy offices. Not only is it durable, but it is also known for its soundproofing qualities, making the use of cork in offices great to help eliminate excessive noise.

A classic use for cork, bulletin boards are also a useful addition to all offices. Whether posting important memos, communication from other offices, or even encouraging employees with positive reviews, the bulletin board will become a regular place for workers to gather. Use a simple piece of RisingHippo cork and cut it to your ideal size, then post it up in the wall for a simple design.

If you are looking for a more creative bulletin board that reflects your team and company we strongly recommend a personalized bulletin board. This can be made with simple tweaks such as adding a frame or adding fabric covering in your company colors. For a more complex style, we recommend a letter-shaped bulletin board. Use the acronym for your company name, or if you’re willing to put in the work create the full name of the company. Although a bit more labor-intensive, creating letter-shaped cork boards is simple; take a sizable piece of cork, then simply trace out the shape of the letter with a marker. Using a utility knife, simply cut out the tracing of the letters. Add any other personalized touches and simply place them on the wall!

At the desk, cork can be used to help make a more ergonomic workspace. Our wonderful cork mousepads create a smooth surface with minimal friction.

These same mousepads can be used to create your own stylish pencil holder. Here’s a simple how-to:

  1. Apply glue liberally to the top of the first trivet. Rest on the table and place the next trivet on top. Apply glue onto this trivet and repeat with the remaining trivets. Leave to dry overnight.
  2. Measure the desired depth of pen holes, mark this depth on the drill bit using tape.
  3. Create holes using the power drill, the number and design are up to your personal preference.
  4. Pop pens and pencils in the holes and you are ready for work.



Jute is a wonderful material to use in interior decorating and can add a homey feel to a workspace. Burlap is super versatile and may be applied in almost all projects where fabric can be used. Some unique ways to use burlap in the workplace include burlap-wrapped pencil holders, burlap-coated organizers, seasonal décor, a jute magazine rack, or in a banner for office parties.

If you loved our Cork Bulletin Board DIY, but aren’t a fan of the plain cork appearance, you can simply cover the cork with Burlap fabric and staple excess behind the board, creating a rustic and cozy feel. Add thumb-tacks or other pins to create a fashionable and more refined border. 



Simple but effective, our Felt Pads with Adhesive will help to maintain your pristine floors in the workspace. Simply pull off the backing and apply these directly onto the legs of your chairs and tables.



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