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We would like to introduce you to the RisingHippo Newsletter. Our aim is to update you regularly on the features of our products that will benefit your home and business. 
We are proud to offer a variety of quality products, like our Neoprene, Cork, Jute, and Socks. 
If you want to learn more about our products, be sure to check out our RisingHippo Blog Centre. 
Sagging upholstered furniture? We’ve got your solution.

Fix up furniture that has seen better days using Jute Webbing. Useful in the maintenance and repair of upholstery, Jute is strong and safe for home use. 
Want to know how to repair your own furniture using Jute? Click here to find out how. 
Jute in the Garden?

Jute materials, like Webbing and Burlap Fabric, can be used in your landscaping projects as well.
Have you ever considered using Jute in staking a tree? Or using a burlap sack to do your gardening?  We'll tell you why you should and how. Click here. 


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