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We're back with another newsletter to keep you informed of all things RisingHippo. Getting ready for seasonal changes can be a task, and we're here to help with the process, whether it be home maintenance or preparing for family get-togethers.
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Getting ready for a family dinner? We've got the DIY tips to make it a success. 
In all seasons, dinners with family and friends bring joy. We want to help you host a beautiful get-together, be it a casual family meal or a more formal celebration. These simple tips will help you set the table from start to finish, using some of our favorite RisingHippo products. Learn more here
Is it time to Weatherproof?
The answer is yes! No matter the climate, weatherproofing is beneficial, saving you big on heating and air conditioning bills. If you are concerned about nearby construction and dust, neoprene stripping will also provide strong protection. Learn more here
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These stunning salt & pepper shakers retail for $20 but we want to give them to you for free!